Hold the GOP accountable


American Democracy is in a crisis. This week Donald Trump fired the director of the FBI, and Trump admitted on national TV that he did so because of the FBI investigation into his campaign. In his letter to Comey, Trump stated that he discussed with Comey on three separate occasions the status of the investigation into the Trump campaign. After press reports that Trump invited Comey to dinner demanding that Comey pledge loyalty to Trump, which Comey declined, Trump threatened Comey on twitter that there may be tapes of these conversations, demanding that Comey back Trump’s version of events. All of these acts constitute obstruction of justice, and are impeachable offenses.

As bad as Donald Trump is, his moral failings are dwarfed by the complete and utter moral bankruptcy and unpatriotic behavior of GOP representatives and senators, and in particular GOP leadership. The GOP speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, defended Trump’s actions, and so did the GOP majority leader of the senate, Mitch McConnell. They and most of the GOP have violated the oath they have taken to support and defend the constitution, and must be held accountable. If you live in their districts, call their offices every day, and demand that they resign to make room for greater men or women who will defend our democracy. If you don’t live in their districts or states, donate to whoever runs against them. American Democracy will be at risk for as long as these unpatriotic cowards are in office.

And most importantly, speak up and resist, every day. It’s Trump’s responsibility to adhere to the constitution. History will judge Trump harshly for failing to do so. It’s the GOP’s responsibility to impeach Trump if he doesn’t. History will judge the GOP harshly for failing to do so. It’s on all of us to hold the GOP accountable if they don’t. History will judge all of us harshly if we fail to do so.



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