The Electoral College must reject Trump. Democrats should endorse GOP alternative

Since the election I have argued that people should fight Donald Trump’s policies and politics, not his election. I was wrong. Today Trump tweeted that he lost the popular vote because of “millions of illegal votes”. This is not a joke. There is absolutely no evidence of voter fraud at this scale and Trump speaking about it as a fact strongly suggests that he is mentally ill and unfit to serve as president. I’ll leave it to medical professionals to diagnose him, but he shows clear signs of delusions which are most often associated with schizophrenia.

It is the constitutional duty of the Electoral College to reject Donald Trump and vote for a different candidate. Democrats should do their share to prevent a mentally ill person from assuming the highest office. The Electoral College has a Republican majority and will under no circumstances endorse Hillary Clinton or any other Democratic alternative. Instead, Democrats should endorse a suitable Republican candidate. Mitt Romney comes to mind. I disagree with him on many issues but he seems like a sane, responsible politician with experience and preparation. If Republicans prefer Mike Pence, even him Democrats should endorse if that’s what it takes. This isn’t about politics any more. This is about stopping a man with clear mental health problems from becoming president. A moderate Republican alternative backed by democratic electors would require only relatively few faithless Republican electors to stop a national catastrophe.

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