Trump is dangerous but his supporters are not the enemy

On November 8th, my chosen home has elected a racist, sexist, nativist, know-nothing, don’t care to know anything, narcissistic buffoon for president. During his campaign, Trump has made many outrageous statements and promises that are completely idiotic. I won’t bore you with trying to enumerate them. I am horrified and appalled that this orange circus peanut is our next president. I want to do more than just be upset about it, and I decided I’ll start with talking about it.

First to my fellow liberal citizens: please stop vilifying people who voted for Trump. They are not the problem and they are predominantly not like him. The world is globalizing and changing quickly, causing uncertainty and fear for many. That doesn’t make them bad people. In fact, they are the only people who can save us from Trump whenever the next election comes around. We need to embrace them, engage them, and try to convince them that there is a better way than Trump’s way.

Second, I would like to address my fellow citizens who voted Trump: You want change. I get that. I want change too. I agree with much of your resentment of Washington. I even agree that Hillary was a really uninspiring candidate (though I do think she would have made an ok president). The problem is that the guy you voted for is not going to change things for the better for you. Don’t believe me. Just believe him. Trump has a lifetime history of exploiting the weak and poor to enrich himself. He has bragged in the past how he exploits his influence to bend the law for profit, and how he exploits his fame to assault and degrade women. Stop justifying his behavior and stop pretending he’ll be any better as president than he has been as non-president for 70 years. Best case he’ll be just as bad as he was so far in his life. Worst case, he’ll be worse, and we’ll all pay the price.

I believe in Democracy. Trump is our president-elect. He’ll assume the office of the president on January 20, and all indications so far point towards a pretty disastrous presidency. It won’t be the end of the world as we know it, but it’s clear he meant every vile word he said as a candidate. He just confirmed he wants to “deport 2-3 million illegal immigrants” immediately. Thats almost 1% of the US population. And while he claims we’ll only deport criminals, just pause for a moment and think about the scale of this. He’ll go ahead and deport 3,000,000 individuals. Yes, that’s 6 zeroes. If we pack 30 people into a bus, thats 100,000 bus trips. And if we want to uphold our constitution and due process, judges we’ll have to order 3 MILLION TIMES to deport someone. The scale of this operation is absurd, and even if we get it right 99% of the time, we’ll end up deporting tens of thousands of U.S. citizens who don’t speak English well, or didn’t hire the right lawyer to defend them, or didn’t have the right paperwork, just as Operation Wetback did in the dark past.

Of course if you ask Donald Trump, he’ll tell you none of this will be the case, because he knows how to do all of this and it’ll be terrific and great. And this is the biggest problem with Donald Trump. He just isn’t that bright apparently, and pretty much believes in magic. Narcissists often do. Trump believes he is infallible, he believes he knows everything better, and he habitually ignores reality and facts. Unfortunately thats not how the real world works, and if you let someone like that steer the country, the consequences will be very real and very painful for a lot of people.

There is a a very high chance that we’ll have to resist Donald Trump. And I don’t mean in a violent sense. We are Americans. We cherish our democracy. So let’s stop talking about revolution. Donald Trump will have to be opposed peacefully and forcefully and legally, by convincing the majority of this country that Donald Trump’s way is not the American way. And, quite frankly, it’ll likely come down to all of us individually. I have very little faith in the GOP being able to stand up to Donald Trump’s authoritarian impulses. The GOP is Trump’s party now. Many in the GOP who seem like reasonable human beings have embraced Trump because they simply don’t have the backbone to oppose someone like Donald Trump. Paul Ryan is the best example of this. He has folded to Trump’s language and agenda time and time again. So don’t get your hopes up if Ryan says there won’t be a deportation force. Trump will ratchet up his aggressive language, and Ryan will fall in line. This has happened too many times before to hope it’ll change.

So its on us now as Americans to stand up for who we are. We are not Trump, even though he’ll be our president for some time. We may be flawed sometimes, but at our core we are a patriotic, civil, and brave people who believe in freedom and opportunity for everyone. I wasn’t born here but that’s why I decided to live here. I am proud to be an American and I am proud of my fellow Americans. We are all in this together, whether you voted for him or her. As long we don’t forget that, no harm will come to our country.

PS: Trump named a white nationalist as his senior advisor a couple hours after I posted this. Please wake up if you still think this isn’t going to be as bad as it seems.

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